About Us

We have been manufacturing since 1979, giving utmost importance to satisfying our customers and guaranteeing products and services of the highest quality.

We are convinced that this factor, combined with constant innovation and technological research of the production processes, has been the key that has enabled us to grow over the years. With over 2.5 million pallets delivered annually, we are proud to be one of the leaders in the sector.

We are the ideal partner for companies that need professional support in managing their pallet fleet.

Flexible planning combined with stocks of finished products in the various warehouses allows us to offer short delivery terms and to handle unplanned requests. We are committed to using materials from certified forests in order to make a small but significant contribution to the ecosystem.

We always provide adequate information on the current pallet regulations regarding exports and intra-EU transfers.


Our company is Conlegno's partner, a private and non-profit consortium, which was founded with the aim of protecting the forest heritage and biodiversity. In line with our corporate vision, Conlegno is committed on favoring the use of wood: from raw material, to packaging, to structural wood.


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