Nord Legno is part of the “Safe Pallet” project as an authorised “PALOK“ company.

What is “Safe Pallet?”: “Safe Pallet” certifies that the pallets are produced with a certified weight (nominal load on longitudinal skids), deriving from laboratory tests carried out at “Centro Ricerche Imballaggi Legno” (Italian Wood Packaging Research Centre).

The table below shows the certified pallets:

Nord Legno pallet code Perimeter measurement in mm del pallet Certified capacity in kg, for evenly distributed load, non-braided, placed on skid
P1278 1200X800 161
P0508 1200X800 306
P0005 1200X800 347
P0071 1200X800 602
P0001 1200X800 714
P0109 1200X800 759
P0577 1200X800 1019
P0705 800X1200 477
P0038 1200X1000 453
P0064 1200X1000 550
P0015 1200X1000 765
P0106 1200X1000 774
P0085 1200X1000 1067
P1280 1200X1000 1120
P1644 600X800 270
P1281 1140X1140 816
P0842 1100X1100 326
P0509 1150X1150 764
P0731 1200X920 868
P1037 1300X1000 628
P1284 1500X800 127
P1306 2000X800 186
P1285 2000X800 268

Further certifications are possible based on specific load requirements.

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